Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Why is it hard to simply say "Not interested"? Is it really that difficult to tell someone youre just getting to know that you're not interested to continue whatever you are doing ?

Let me tell you my story in the last 5 to 6 days.

I logged in to Manjam ( YES i still use that thing) and i get the picture of a cute guy. He's not showing his ass/package or whatever slutty pic you can think of.
Instead, his pic consists of an upper body pic on the beach, showing his face, wearing sunglasses.

I liked the pic, i read the profile (yes some people read), and i liked the combination.
So i message the guy with my face-pic: "Hello, i like what i read, if ur interested to chat here is my number".

Anything wrong ? Nope

10 minutes later i get a message on whatsapp ! It's HIM !
Long story short: we whatsapped for what seemed long hours since then, until yesterday.

He started replying with 1 word sentences, "i don't know", and "ma eleh jledeh".

The thing is, the first date was supposed to be today, so i told him, please if you're not interested to meet, just say it and i will understand. His reply was: no i want.

Today, since morning, i felt like i'm begging for a reply, and when we got to the date, he was like: i don't know what to eat, i want to sleep, i'm bored.....

when i left i messaged him: it was nice seeing you.
The reply was: Same here
and he moved the chat to sexting !

After an hour i started another chat, he replied with: i dont know, i dont, no, ...

So i was very direct with: "i feel like im begging you for an answer, if you're not interested, you can just say it. Im not a kid, but don't play games".
I got no reply :)

In conclusion, he's not the first to be a child, and im certain he wont be the last. Gay men, at least the lebanese ones, lack maturity.
More than 90% don't know how to handle situations, specially when they want to end dating or breaking up.

My simple question to all gay men: WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU JUST SAY THE WORDS:

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